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    Guardian Dentistry Adds Six More Partners in 2nd Quarter

    Partners from NC, PA, VA and MI latest to join expanding

    MIAMI – August 1, 2022 – The second quarter of 2022 proved to be a busy one for Guardian Dentistry Partners (GDP). The steadily growing Dental Partnership Network welcomed six additional new dental partners into its network to close out the quarter.

    The dental practices joining the Guardian family during the second quarter are: 

    • Dr. Amit Patel,  West Cary Dental, Cary, NC; became partner May 25
    • Dr. Stanley Heleniak, North Penn Dental, Lansdale, PA; became partner May 25
    • Dr. Prashant Rao, Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Charlotte, NC; became partner June 3
    • Ali Laith, Arlington Dental Excellence, Arlington, VA; became partner June 13
    • Dr. Solomon Pesis, Pesis Family Dental, Hills, MI; became partner June 30
    • Dr. Layth Saraf,  Greensboro, NC; became partner June 30

    Dr. Amit Patel has been in practice for 21 years, with 19 of those years being in Cary, where he started his practice from scratch in 2003. As a solo practitioner, Dr. Patel has steadily expanded the practice over the years into a very successful model for the area. “We grew smarter, not harder,” he notes.

    Dr. Stanley Heleniak has practiced dentistry since 1991 and currently leads a practice with four dentists in his practice, just northwest of Philadelphia. As a board-certified dental anesthesiologist specializing in sedation dentistry, Dr. Heleniak points out that sedation in the dentist’s office is becoming more common. “Our patients are demanding it,” he says. “It makes more complex procedures now possible in the office setting.”

    Dr. Prashant Rao, who received his dental degree from New York University College of Dentistry, says he was looking for a “true partner” when he found Guardian. “We have so much potential,” he notes. “I expect that we will continue to grow with Guardian’s guidance.” Dr. Rao’s practice has four dentists on its team.

    Ali Laith represents a practice of five dentists, including his father, with decades of experience in the Arlington area. Laith says that their practice has very successful, but the new partnership with Guardian will help bring Arlington Dental to another level. “We were looking for support and guidance and Guardian came along at the perfect time,” he notes. 

    Dr. Solomon Pesis has worked for 42 years at Pesis Family Dental in the northern Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills. On his connection with GDP, Dr. Pesis responds, “I feel very secure and confident with Guardian Dentistry. I’m planning to slowly cut back in my practice over the next couple of years, and Guardian provides me that opportunity.” Dr. Pesis is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School and has two sons, both of whom are dentists in Philadelphia.

    Dr. Layth Saraf represents the last partner brought on by GDP in the second quarter of this year. A 2012 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Saraf is a solo practitioner in Greensboro, where he’s been since 2017. His practice comes from a storied background where three generations of the same families have been coming for their dental care for some 60 years. Dr. Saraf is carrying on that tradition of his predecessors, while slowly and gradually growing his own practice. “I completely trust Guardian,” says Dr. Saraf. “When I met them, I quickly knew that they could be my friends and will be there when I need them.”

    About Guardian Dentistry Partners

    Guardian Dentistry Partners is a premier Dental Partnership Network dedicated to providing world-class support services and growth opportunities for its network of dentist partners. Founded in 2018, Guardian has expanded rapidly and now supports dental entrepreneurs in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Guardian’s mission is to help its dental partners and teams build the practices of their dreams. For more information, visit guardiandentistry.com.