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    GDP Mission Trip Brings Care to Dominican Republic

    Implant training for doctors, Free dental care provided to residents

    MIAMI – November 7, 2022 – Giving back and corporate social responsibility initiatives have been part of the GDP mission since their founding in 2018. Their most recent mission served as an emotional and impactful trip for all involved.

    Guardian Dentistry Partners’ (GDP) facilitated a mission trip in the Dominican Republic, October 3-7, partnering with Neodent and World Mission Partners.

    “Our mission trip to the DR has been one of Guardian’s pillar initiatives that highlights four of our core values (Mentorship, Partnership, Action & Caring). It was rescheduled 2 years in a row due to Covid,” explains Dr. Hisham Barakat, Chief Clinical Officer and doctor partner with Guardian. “Fortunately, this year we were able to accomplish an amazing IMPACT and create a win-win-win scenario for the Dominican patients, our doctors and the Dominican doctors that we partnered with.”

    After months of meetings and planning to gather the appropriate materials necessary for the trip, a group of 10 dentists visited La Romana, Dominican Republic to provide training and free dental care. The goal was to maximize the number of patient visits and help as many people as possible in the region.

    The group participated in an implant workshop with Neodent learning different sinus lift techniques and worked with local doctors on implant restorative techniques.

    “In addition to patient care, we carried out a theoretical-practical program to train doctors in the Sinus Lift procedure, with emphasis on the two well-known techniques: the Lateral Window and Transcrestal techniques,” explains Dr. Luis Henrique K. Chavez, Manager of Clinical Education with Neodent. “The knowledge acquired in this workshop was taken to the clinic in the following days where the doctors were able to perform the techniques with the support of the mentors of the teams.”

    The group later split up to cover more ground. Some of the dentists placed implants at Hospital El Buen Samaritano, while others worked on a mobile unit providing free dental care in the Bateyes to those in need.

    “It’s been life changing,” said Dr. Charaipotra, doctor partner with GDP. “The people are so wonderful, so gracious, and it’s been very impactful to see the number of lives we’ve been able to change in such a short period of time. As much as we’ve been able to give to them, this has done even more for the heart and soul for me.” 

    In total, the team provided an equivalent of $500,000 in dentistry. This included 123 patient visits by the group in the mobile RV, and 116 implants placed by the group at the hospital.

    “The exciting part is this is just the beginning,” said Patti Pease, of World Mission Partners. “We’re going to be growing, we’re going to bring more teams back here, and have a bigger impact. The manager of the hospital says these patients have been praying for a miracle, and this team has been making miracles happen all week long.” 

    Neodent, Patterson Dental, Crest Oral-B, and Guardian Dentistry Partners provided generous donations to allow this group to travel abroad, without which the training and restorative care would not have been possible.“It was truly a humbling experience to be able to provide care and help so many people. We came back with our hearts full, and our purpose fulfilled,” says Dr. Barakat. “Thanks to our great partners at Neodent and to all those who have supported this trip to become a huge success.”

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